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Cosmedix Affirm

Affirm 30ml

$116.45 On Sale
  Description: A supercharged serum packed with ten skin-specific antioxidants to correct and protect against photo damage. Benefits: Superior defence against age-accelerating free radicals. Nourishes the skin for a healthy...
Cosmedix Benefit Balance

Benefit Balance 150ml

$69.28 On Sale
  Description: A powerful antioxidant toning mist blend that revitalises as it prepares the skin for optimal penetration of treatment products. Benefits: Protects, moisturises and helps strengthen skin. Exfoliates and calms...
Cosmedix Clarity Serum

Clarity Serum 30ml

$58.65 On Sale
  Description: Fight back against blemishes with Clarity serum. Retinol and salicylic acid work together to help exfoliate the skin and clarify clogged pores that can cause breakouts and blemishes. Willowherb, tea tree oil and aloe vera help...
Cosmedix Clear Mask

Clear 60g

$58.65 On Sale
  Description: Super-absorbent clarifying mask for oily & problem skin. Benefits: Exfoliates. Calms. Decongests. Suitable for: All oily skin conditions, breakout prone, impure, congested skins. How to...
Cosmedix Defy

Defy 50ml

$107.53 On Sale
  Description: A triple-exfoliating cream that gently resurfaces as it hydrates for smoother, softer-looking skin. Benefits: Exfoliates the skin’s layers. Softens, conditions and hydrates the skin. Contains no Vitamin...
Cosmedix Detox Mask

Detox Mask 74g

$84.15 On Sale
  Description: This charcoal and clay based mask gently exfoliates skin, draws out impurities and effectively cleanses away pollutants for a visibly brighter, more radiant complexion. Benefits: Absorbs impurities to help...
Cosmedix Enhance Lip

Enhance Lip 7g

$50.83 On Sale
  Description: Deeply condition your lips with this ultra-nourishing, lip-plumping mask to help deliver immediate comfort and moisture using a unique blend of high- performance oils and natural emollients.  Benefits: Provides...
Cosmedix Mystic

Mystic 150ml

$63.75 On Sale
  Description: A lightweight oil free hydrating spritz that provides superior, oil-free hydration. Benefits: Calms, soothes & softens. Hydrates. Can also be used to set mineral makeup. Suitable for: All skins but...
Cosmedix Pure Enzymes

Pure Enzymes 60g

$84.58 On Sale
  Description: A gentle, exfoliating mask that washes away dull surface impurities for radiant, smooth skin. Benefits: Helps unclog pores to promote clearer, balanced skin. Provides mild exfoliation, leaving skin softer and...
Cosmedix Purity Balance

Purity Balance 150ml

$69.28 On Sale
  Description: A perfectly balanced toner that exfoliates as it eliminates excess oil. Benefits: Helps unclog pores and removes impurities. Eliminates excess oil for a well- balanced look. Suitable for: Oily and...
Cosmedix Purity Clean

Purity Clean 150ml

$69.28 On Sale
  Description: A concentrated exfoliating cleanser designed to deep clean as it resurfaces for softer, healthier looking skin. Benefits: Penetrates deep to help unclog pores and eliminate impurities. Keeps normal to oily skin...
Cosmedix Purity Detox Scrub

Purity Detox Scrub 90gm

$65.88 On Sale
  Description: A cocktail of gentle physical/manual exfoliators combined with salicylic acid, to deliver a thorough and uniform exfoliation and detoxification system for the skin. Benefits: Exfoliating. Polishing...
Cosmedix Refine

Refine 15ml

$97.75 On Sale
  Description: A Vitamin A super-serum designed to restore life to damaged, ageing skin. Benefits: Accelerates skin turnover for a radiant glow. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves skin texture and...
Cosmedix Refine Plus

Refine Plus 15ml

$107.53 On Sale
  Description: A powerful concentration of Vitamin A with twice the potency of Refine. Benefits: Accelerates skin turnover for a radiant glow. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves skin texture and tone...
Cosmedix Shineless

Shineless Moisturiser Ret 79g

$65.45 On Sale
  Description: Reduce the look of shine for a more matte complexion with this moisturiser. Key ingredients help firm, smooth and brighten the appearance of the skin. Benefits: Provides long-lasting hydration. Helps to reduce the...
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