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Cosmedix Benefit Balance

Benefit Balance 150ml

$73.35 On Sale
  Description: A powerful antioxidant toning mist blend that revitalises as it prepares the skin for optimal penetration of treatment products. Benefits: Protects, moisturises and helps strengthen skin. Exfoliates and calms...
Cosmedix Benefit Clean

Benefit Clean 150ml

$73.35 On Sale
  Description: An extra-gentle, daily cleanser for all skin types that soothes and hydrates while preventing external free radical damage. Benefits: Eliminates impurities without over-drying. Calms, soothes and hydrates...
Cosmedix Combination Skin Kit

Combination Skin Kit

$89.10 On Sale
  Description: This skin kit is the perfect starter or travel kia and contains: 1 x Purity Clean 15ml 1 x Define 15g 1 x Clarity 15ml 1 x Mystic 10ml Benefits: Please see individual products for skin benefits. Suitable for: Combination...
Cosmedix Brightening Kit

Cosmedix Brightening Kit

Description: We all love a limited edition skincare kit don't we? Get the ultimate glow kit and brightening boost. The Cosmedix Glow Kit delivers a complete skin care system to promote more youthful, radiant skin all Summer long and long afterwards too...
Cosmedix Pure Enzymes

Pure Enzymes 60g

$89.55 On Sale
  Description: A gentle, exfoliating mask that washes away dull surface impurities for radiant, smooth skin. Benefits: Helps unclog pores to promote clearer, balanced skin. Provides mild exfoliation, leaving skin softer and...
Cosmedix Purity Balance

Purity Balance 150ml

$73.35 On Sale
  Description: A perfectly balanced toner that exfoliates as it eliminates excess oil. Benefits: Helps unclog pores and removes impurities. Eliminates excess oil for a well- balanced look. Suitable for: Oily and...
Cosmedix Purity Clean

Purity Clean 150ml

$73.35 On Sale
  Description: A concentrated exfoliating cleanser designed to deep clean as it resurfaces for softer, healthier looking skin. Benefits: Penetrates deep to help unclog pores and eliminate impurities. Keeps normal to oily skin...
Cosmedix Purity Solution 100ml

Purity Solution 100ml

$59.40 On Sale
  Description: Deep clean and purify without drying out your skin. This nourishing cleansing oil helps remove excess oil, makeup, sunscreen and environmental impurities. Benefits: Deep cleansing. Nourishing. Protects skin...
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