Illuminating Polish 220ml

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This is a triple-action exfoliant that combines enzymes, AHA’s and Ecoscrub® to gently polish skin, removing dead weight, lifeless cells. Your skin is left feeling instantly smoother with that luminating glow.


  • Gently polishes skin surface to remove lifeless cells.
  • Helps to refine and exfoliate.
  • Rich in antioxidants

Suitable for:

  • Male / Female / All Skin Types

Directions for use:

Use this in the morning and evening.

After cleansing gently massage a pea-sized amount over your face. Remove with a damp cloth using a gentle sweeping action and follow with the application of Aspect serums and moisturiser. Use 2 - 3 times a week.

For those keen to prepare your skin for Microdermabrasion or Epiblading or post peel treatment on days 3-4 to assist with removing shedding skin, this product could be used too.

Key ingredients:

Ecoscrub® - Gently polishes skin surface.
Lactic Acid - An AHA that helps to refine and exfoliate.
Papaya Extract - A fruit enzyme, rich in antioxidants that moisturises and smooths skin texture