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Cosmedix Affirm

Affirm 30ml

$123.30 On Sale
  Description: A supercharged serum packed with ten skin-specific antioxidants to correct and protect against photo damage. Benefits: Superior defence against age-accelerating free radicals. Nourishes the skin for a healthy...
Cosmedix Age Defying Kit

Age Defying Kit

$89.10 On Sale
  Description: This skin kit is the perfect starter or travel kit and contains: 1 x Benefit Clean 15ml 1 x Serum 16 15ml 1 x Emulsion 15g 1 x Cell ID 15ml (Cell ID is a nutritive serum that helps to stop signs of ageing; including fine lines,...
Cosmedix CPR

C.P.R Skin Recovery 15ml

$89.10 On Sale
  Description: This skin recovery serum is formulated specifically for complexions in need of recovery and relief, this soothing serum helps sensitive skin types, those experiencing redness post-facial or those with other irritating dry skin...
Cosmedix Combination Skin Kit

Combination Skin Kit

$89.10 On Sale
  Description: This skin kit is the perfect starter or travel kia and contains: 1 x Purity Clean 15ml 1 x Define 15g 1 x Clarity 15ml 1 x Mystic 10ml Benefits: Please see individual products for skin benefits. Suitable for: Combination...
Cosmedix Brightening Kit

Cosmedix Brightening Kit

Description: We all love a limited edition skincare kit don't we? Get the ultimate glow kit and brightening boost. The Cosmedix Glow Kit delivers a complete skin care system to promote more youthful, radiant skin all Summer long and long afterwards too...
Cosmedix Opti Crystal

Opti Crystal 7g

$150.30 On Sale
  Description: An age-defying eye serum that nourishes the skin to fight the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. Benefits: Instantly illuminates the under-eye area. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and crow’s...
Cosmedix Pure C

Pure "C" 6gms

$87.30 On Sale
  Description: A unique age defying mixing powder with 100% pure L-Ascorbic Acid, the most potent, stable form of Vitamin C. Benefits: Mixes with any skincare product to boost performance . Helps prevent the signs of...
Cosmedix Radiance

Radiance 30ml

$150.30 On Sale
  Description: This vitalising serum helps skin look plump, smooth and healthy by minimising the look of fine lines and wrinkles and improving the look of your skin. Benefits: Antioxidant. Helps to even skin tone by reducing the look of acne...
Cosmedix Simply Brilliant

Simply Brilliant 30ml

$99.00 On Sale
  Description: This gentle yet powerful brightening serum delivers a multi-pronged blow to dark spots and other visible discolouration for a more even-toned brilliance. Benefits: Brightens. Exfoliating. Balances uneven tone...
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